Walter Bamert is a veteran in IT Services, Mobile Development, Web Application Development, Data Extraction, and E-Marketing. With a team consisting of hardware specialists, software specialist, graphic artist, web designers, web application developers and printing & mailing experienced personnel, he has put all the building blocks together to help companies achieve more with their IT infrastructure. Walter has 20+ years of experience in the automotive sector, 25+ years in Information technology and several of his own businesses to leverage experience from.

Mike Sole started working early with computers. While starting in the cellular services area Mike has expanded his career and skillset over the last 20 years. While he started as a bench tech his hard work and determination has led him here to AITC to be the Director of Operations. His skills include networking, network security, endpoint security, video and security system installations, general equipment issues, VOIP installations and so much more.

In his spare time Mike loves play hockey and to coach kid’s hockey. Ask him how many times he’s broken his nose!

Bruce comes to us after years of experience with a local cable company and an IT Services company. His experience with cable installation , and helpdesk operations as well as on-site work as a computer tech makes his a great addition to our company. He is A+ Certified, has an Associate of Applied Science  in Electronics degree  and has extensive experience in the Microsoft Office Suite, all Microsoft operating system starting with Windows 2000 up through the present, and Microsoft Server support.