AutoDealer Points

Loyalty & Gift Cards

How are you setting your company apart?
Loyalty and gift cards have fast become a way of life to the savy consumer.

  • 72% of customers will spend MORE than the value of their card
  • On average the recipient will spend 20% MORE than their gift card value
  • 90% of gift cards are used within the first 60 days


  • Provide a feeling of special treatment
  • Reward customers with points that can be applied toward future purchases at YOUR dealership.
  • Track customer purchase behavior and history
  • Overcome slow sales by offering extra points on purchases made during off-peak months.
  • Encourage customers to spend more by offering points for purchases that exceed certain amounts.
  • Create special promotions, such as members-only offers


Are you offering them a reason to keep coming back?
Are you offering them gift cards to purchase or as rewards?
Are you offering loyalty points for their continued patronage?
Are you collecting your customer e-mail addresses for your use?

Use our Customer Card Activation page which requires your customer to give a valid e-mail address to build your own private e-mail list for marketing purposes.

In a 2003 Jupiter Research survey 75% of consumers had at least 1 loyalty reward card.

The research firm Synergistics Research Corp. in Atlanta, found in a survey of 1,000consumers, 64% said they found gift cards to be “valuable,” with 48% describing them as “very valuable.”

And why not??? They are versatile and stylish, easy to carry, which will increase the likelihood gift recipients will actually use them.

Data from DoubleClick’s 2005 Consumer E-mail Study indicates that consumers continue to open a majority of permission-based e-mails, with 64% reporting that they open 61% or more of permission-based e-mails.